About us

All European and World Medalists

Helga Fabbricotti
Karin Deilmann and Fernando Piedra

In 1941 our bridge tournament took place in the Palace Hotel in St. Moritz for the first time with just four tables. This small but very refined event was organized by Count Gian-Franco Fabbricotti-Roosevelt which he continued to do until he passed away in 1996. As of 1975 he was increasingly supported by his wife Countess Helga Fabbricotti. Today the tournament is organized by her daughter Karin Deilmann and Fernando Piedra, a professional bridge player.

Frans Lejeune

Frans studied physics and mathematics at the unviersity and after finishing his studies He became a highschool teacher in both physics and mathematics. During his studies he began to play bridge. In 1980 he became member of a bridge club and soon was asked to help with the scoring etc. In 1985 Frans became a national Tournament Director. In 1990 Frans started working for the Dutch Bridge Federation and quit his job as a teacher. During his work for the Federation he got  to know many people and  importantly met his lovely wife Marieke through bridge. In that year he was invited to direct the international bridge tournament in St.Moritz. We never let him go again…….. Thank you Frans for being so loyal to us!

Bartlomiej (Bartek) Igla

Bartek is not only a great bridge player but also keeps our website up to date whenever needed.

81 years of bridge in St. Moritz is a long time. The tournament developed from the four tables in 1941 up to over 40 tables in the 70ies. Thanks to the most generous support of the hotels Suvretta House, Kulm, Monopol, Reine Victoria and Laudinella we were always able to invite  highly qualified bridge players from all over the world thus maintaining a very high niveau. Furthermore this tournament was always very international.

Sabine Auken, Angelika Hederer, Herman Drenkelford

Famous bridge players such as Omar Sharif, Rixie Markus, Fritzi Gordon, Maria Erhart, Prince Rohan, Ed Franken, Jacqueline Maus, Zia Mahmood, Sabine Auken and many others came and still come regularly to the beautiful Engadin to participate in our wonderful tournament. Traditionally this tournament always takes place mid January. We play for ten days in the hotels Palace, Kulm and Suvretta. Today there are about 42 couples playing the Open and about 15 teams. The tournaments usually starts at 3.30 p.m. allowing players to spend time with other activities such as skiing, curling or just walking around the frozen lake enjoying the steel blue sky of the Engadin.

We look forward to your participation!