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This year’s International Bridge Tournament in St. Moritz had a real revival thanks to Fernando Piedra’s excellent connections to the international bridge world. We had quite a few new, young players from Poland, Holland, France and Italy.


Here the comparison to last year:

2018 2019
21 pairs in the Welcome 20 pairs in the Welcome
25 pairs in the Mixt 25 pairs in the Mixt
44 pairs in the Open 39 pairs in the Open
16 teams in the Teams 13 teams in the teams


What a success! It was an extremely strong tournament with many bridge champions and top class players from all over the world. I would like to thank them all for participating and making this tournament so special. Fernando and I hope you will all be back in beautiful St. Moritz in 2020. Dates will be published as soon as possible.
Karin Deilmann

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