Maria Erhart Trophy

Maria Erhart was one of the best bridge players of our time. Sadly she passed away in
2012. The St. Moritz tournament was always one of the most important dates in her
calendar and for many decades she always tried to make it possible to come to the
Engadin in January together with her husband Peter Erhart.

In memory of Maria, Peter Erhart launched a new challenge in 2012: The Maria Erhart
Trophy. It consists of a lovely glas challenge cup and a small glass replica for the yearly
winner as well as a considerable money prize. Rated is the overall best performance of
the three tournaments Mixed, Open and Team with different quotients.

It would be lovely if this prize could be an additional incentive to play all the categories
of this tournament and we hope that we can continue to enjoy the hospitality of St.
Moritz for many years to come.

(40th World Team Championships Article about Maria Erhart)

Winners of the Maria Erhart Trophy

2012 Rita Mucha
2013 Sabine Auken / Roy Welland
2014 Herman Drenkelford
2015 Luciano Caroni
2016 Monica Aghemo / Andrea Buratti
2017 Fernando Piedra
2018 Jacek Pszczola
2019 Fred Wrang
2020 Sabine Auken / Roy Welland
2022 Bartosz Chmurski
2023 Marion Michielsen / Herman Drenkelford